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Helcim, Reborn

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Nic Beique | October 28, 2017

“We are excited to announce the launch of Helcim Commerce.”
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    Welcome to the new Helcim.

    Three years ago, we went on a mission. We decided to build a platform that would not only deliver amazing payments but help any merchant run their entire business. With payments at its core, Helcim Commerce is an all-in-one merchant platform. It is a huge leap forward for our company, and we believe that it will set a new standard for what merchants should expect from their payment company. With it, we had to re-imagine ourselves in the process.

    We finally had the chance to unveil the new Helcim to the world on November 2nd. You can view our launch event highlights video below:

    You've probably also noticed our new website, www.helcim.com. Our honest and transparent Cost+ credit card processing is still at the heart of it all, but we've evolved beyond just payments. Helcim and the Helcim Commerce platform are now one and the same. Every Helcim merchant gets access to Helcim Commerce. Payments are infused everywhere in the platform, and you can now do so much more including invoicing, managing customers, and enabling self-service portals, using a retail point-of-sale, and hosting an online store.

    A special thank you to our clients that have supported us over the years. With Helcim Commerce officially out of Beta and into production, we've begun migrating all of our existing merchants to this new platform with grandfathered pricing. Your continued business and feedback made this happen.

    We are just getting started - stay tuned.

    -Nicolas Beique Founder & CEO, Helcim Inc.

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