New Helcim.js – Client-Side Processing

Helcim Inc. is proud to announce the release of Helcim.js.

Helcim.js is a developer-focused solution for increasing user experience in online payment while reducing their scope of PCI compliance. Helcim.js is a simple JavaScript plugin that allows payments to be processed on your website without exposing your website to the scope of PCI compliance and security. When a customer makes a payment they remain on your website, providing users with a much better checkout experience.

Not only can Helcim.js allow you to process transactions directly on your website, but it can also be used to tokenize credit cards and bank account information so that users will have a faster, easier checkout at their next purchase. This data is stored in Helcim Commerce and can be used by the merchant anytime.

How Does it Work?

Hosted on Helcim’s PCI Level-1 payment gateway, the JavaScript plugin facilitates a client-side transaction between the client’s web browser and the payment gateway. Once the transaction is processed, the authorization results are submitted back to the merchant’s web server. The end result is a fast-online credit card transaction without the need for the customer to leave the merchant’s website and without the need for the merchant’s website to receive or transmit sensitive credit card data. Adding Helcim.js to a website will take your developer seconds to configure. The entire setup can be done in only a few lines of HTML code. For help in integrating Helcim.js into your website, take a look at our developer resources.

“E-commerce merchants have a difficult task of balancing the increased calls for security with the increased calls for user experience. With most traditional credit card processors, merchants can’t meet both demands”, says Nicolas Beique, Helcim’s founder and CEO. “With our new Helcim.js feature, merchants reduce their PCI security compliance scope while maintaining complete control over their user experience. It’s a very clever solution that gives merchants the best of both worlds.”

Helcim aims to continue growing its Canadian and US merchant base by including this new feature alongside its traditional payment gateway API, virtual terminalcard-vault, and merchant account services.

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