With the popularity of online shopping, customers are no longer paying as much attention to where businesses are located when they’re making online purchases. 

This means that if you run an online business, there is a high likelihood that you will have customers from other countries wanting to make purchases using their international credit cards.

Your Helcim merchant account automatically allows you to accept international credit cards. So, for example, if you’re a business who is based in the US and you have customers visit your website from Europe, you won’t encounter an issue if they complete their purchase using their international credit card. If a customer from Europe wants to purchase a product that is listed on your website for $100 USD, they would see the purchase amount in US dollars, enter their credit card information, and complete the purchase just like they would with any other online store. Once the purchase is complete, your business will receive the funds in USD in your business’s bank account, without any currency conversion fees.

Although you won’t see any currency conversation fees in your bank account, the international customer and their bank will be the ones who are charged with the currency difference. The customer would see the $100 USD purchase on their credit card statement along with the amount it was converted to in their local currency based on the current currency conversion rates. The conversion rate will be determined by the customer’s bank based on the conversion rates of the date of purchase.   

Because your business doesn’t have to worry about any of the conversation fees or rates, it’s a very straightforward and easy process to accept international credit cards. The only fee that your business may be impacted by is the international cross-border fees that are charged by Visa and Mastercard, these fees are usually around 1-3%, depending on the type of credit card the customer used for the transaction.

With today’s global marketplace, being able to accept international credit cards helps open your online store up to customers all around the world.