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Helcim Introduces Auto-Pause Billing

With Helcim’s Auto-Pause Billing you only pay your monthly fee when you’re accepting payments.  

We know that there might be times when you need to temporarily stop accepting payments, and that’s why we’re excited to introduce auto-pause billing. With auto-pause billing, your monthly fee is automatically waived if you do not process a transaction that month. 

Auto-pause billing provides additional peace of mind to seasonal businesses or those who are just getting started and might not need to accept payments right away. If your business is preparing to open for the first time, you can take your time adding products and configuring your settings without worrying about paying a monthly fee for your payments. 

Offering auto-pause billing is part of our commitment to honest and transparent payments, waiving the monthly fee when the service is not being used is simply the fair thing to do. 

There’s no need to update your account or contact us, the system will automatically adjust your billing for the months that you don’t accept any payments. You will maintain full access to your account and can choose to begin processing again whenever it works best for you. All of your information will be saved and you can continue to update or edit your account while your monthly fee is paused. Your monthly fee will automatically resume when you start accepting payments again. 

Auto-pause billing is just one of the ways we make it easier to accept payments when you need to. To get started with Helcim, complete our quick and easy sign up here