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Avoid Manual Data Entry with Helcim’s QuickBooks Integration

Many business owners use QuickBooks for their accounting needs but dread each time they need to move information from QuickBooks to another business software. 

This is because updating QuickBooks with information from your point-of-sale means a lot of time spent on manual data entry that you would rather be spending on other things.

Luckily, if you’re a Helcim merchant who is also using QuickBooks, then you can use the Helcim QuickBooks Integration to easily transfer your payments data back into QuickBooks, without all of the manual data entry.  

Using Helcim’s QuickBooks Integration, you can move your customer’s payment data, including all the invoices that were sent, your transaction data, your customer information, and product data easily between Helcim Commerce and QuickBooks. You will be able to complete the data transfer for custom date ranges of your choice whether you are using QuickBooks desktop, or QuickBooks online, and you are even able to import data from QuickBooks back into your Helcim Commerce account.

The QuickBooks Integration saves you time and helps provide peace of mind because you no longer have to endure lengthy manual data entry sessions to keep different systems updated and synchronized with each other. Using Helcim’s QuickBooks Integration helps you avoid making mistakes while manually entering data, so you no longer have to worry about having two sets of data that do not match.

QuickBooks Integration is just one of the ways Helcim can help empower your business to do more. Check out Helcim to learn more about the other ways we can help your business, and check out our support section for step-by-step guides on how the QuickBooks online integration and QuickBooks desktop integration can be used alongside your Helcim account.

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