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The Challenging Side of Being a Business Owner

Vlog #35

On October 2nd it snowed. A lot. We had a late spring in Alberta, so it feels like the snow just melted, and now it’s back. Unrelated to the weather, we had some local business owners come into the office this week to share the less talked about sides of launching a business.

When people hear about starting a business, they tend to only focus on the positive. People can sometimes default to sharing only the positive aspects to keep things inspiring and motivational. Even for myself, I’m more tempted to share the good things over the difficult because the negative aspects can sometimes be pretty discouraging. Today we have a few entrepreneurs coming over to have a candid discussion about the difficult parts of starting a business.

Sharing the difficult parts of owning a business can be hard, so I want to thank Graham Sherman from Toolshed, Neige and Pippa Blair from Routine Cream, and Mandy Balak from The Ace Class for being so candid and honest about their experiences as they’ve launched and grown their businesses. I think it’s really important for business owners to be honest about their experiences so that people who are looking to them for inspiration are able to understand the challenges that they might face, and that it’s okay if they are not an overnight success. Some of the best business stories take years of hard work before they take off.


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