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For nonprofit organizations, accepting many different types of donations is important.

Cash donations are easy to accept; however, many people today only carry a credit or debit card. On top of that, local donations are only a piece of the fundraising pie. By accepting donations online, your organization has access to many more potentially generous donors.

You have seen the "Donate" button on other websites, but how can your organization add this functionality to your fundraising tools and use the donate button to help you raise money for your cause? It isn’t as easy as adding the button to your nonprofit's website. To accept payments online, your organization will have to get a payment processor. Many third party sites, including social media sites like Facebook, will allow you to use their online credit card processor to accept donations. However, if your organization is accepting credit card and online donations in the long run, or wants to set up recurring donations, getting a credit card processor will save you immensely on high processing fees and complications. 

Accept Donations Online

Our nonprofit package includes full access to our web-based Virtual Terminal. You can easily be collected credit card numbers by phone or through donation forms and manually process them from any computer or tablet. You also get full access to our online payment tools, such as our secure payment page so you can rest easy knowing that donor data is being securely stored. This allows you to easily create a "Donate" button on your website and collect payments from online visitors.

Physical Credit/Debit Machines

Nonprofits can also use our merchant account package with a physical credit/debit machine. We offer affordable equipment rental, purchase, and one-time package options.

Non-Profit Interchange Rates

Visa and Mastercard offer special interchange categories for nonprofits. Thanks to our interchange plus pricing, Helcim merchants get access to these heavily discounted rates. Every Helcim account also includes access to a robust suite of tools that can help to make collecting donations easier, whether you're looking to do some online fundraising, create a donation page, or add a donation widget to your website, Helcim can help.  

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