Our mission at Helcim is to help empower your business through education and powerful business tools. We’re proud of the software and tools that we’ve built, and everything has been designed to help your business do more and do it all from one, single platform. 

The Helcim Gurus have put together a series of Helcim Tutorials to help you simplify your experience within Helcim Commerce. You can follow along with the Gurus as they walk you through different features and functions that can help you get the most out of your partnership with Helcim, resulting in your business running as smoothly as possible and being able to do more than you thought possible. 
Helcim’s Customer Portal Settings allow you to share account information and interact with your customers. It is a secure website your customers can access at any time to view and modify their account information.

Follow along with Sherry as she shows you how to add or remove access to the customer portal for your customers, and choose what information you want to collect from your customers. By editing the settings in the customer portal, you are able to control if customers can update their credit card information, check their recurring plan details, see their payment and order history, and make payments.

In the second part of Customer Portal Settings, Sherry reviews two additional customer portal settings that will allow you to modify the content and appearance of your portal.

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