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We are excited to announce the release of our Email Payment Request feature.

Once a business has completed work for a client, they may actually have a harder time collecting payment than they did completing the actual work. You may have to uncomfortably visit the client at awkward times, or persistently phone them up to ask for payment. These kinds of encounters can sometimes damage business relationships, and we want to take the stress of getting paid out of business.

Email Payment Requests?

To make things easier, we have created email payment requests. The email payment request feature is as simple as it sounds; it allows you to request payments from your customers by email. You can also enter the customer's complete invoice information, such as line items, taxes, billing, and shipping information.

Not only can you request payments with full details, but you can actually get paid through the email. By simply entering a customer's email address and an amount, you can send an email with a secure payment page. Once brought to this secure payment page, the client enters their credit card information and payment is made directly to you.


Here is a Screenshot of The Helcim Commerce Email Payment Request Feature
Here is a Screenshot of The Helcim Commerce Email Payment Request Feature

Does Your Client Keep Forgetting About Paying You?

Email Reminders are included in the program as well. You can set the Email Payment Request feature to send additional emails, gently reminding the client that they have a set duration of time to pay your business before incurring additional charges.

What Happens After Payment?

Once the client has paid you, a transaction receipt is sent to the customer and you will be notified of the completed transaction. Payments appear as part of the account’s transaction list and are fully integrated with the rest of Helcim Payments.

The Power of Email Payment Requests

This process makes getting paid faster, and less confrontational than asking for payment traditionally. After all, your customer relationships are everything. You worked so hard to earn these clients, and email payment requests reduce any tension that may come from collecting payment.

The Email Payment Request feature is a small part of our extensive online invoicing system in your Helcim account. If you want to understand more about how to get your business paid faster, learn more about online invoicing.

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