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Nic Talking at a Conference Table about VirtualStore

Vlog #3

The theme of this Weekly Update is course corrections. Over the years, we’ve certainly made course corrections of our own here at Helcim. When we first started eleven years ago, the service was solely a hosted shopping cart with a built-in merchant account. It only took the first 50 clients to realize that our payment services were more popular than our original shopping cart platform, so we made a course correction and became a broader payments company. We started offering credit and debit machines, web-based virtual terminals, and online payment gateways. We continued to slowly add services like a mobile app as well as card-tokenization to our gateway.

Three years ago we realized that we needed to evolve again. Our merchants wanted additional services to help them better run their business. So we became serious about software development in addition to payments and started the development of Helcim Commerce. We proudly launched Commerce on November 2, 2017. This platform was designed to offer all the functionality that our merchants had been requesting for so many years.


Visit our website's main landing age at and you'll notice a recent update. We just made another (albeit smaller) course correction as we try to fine-tune our new messaging. Welcome to Payments+. We continue to be the same great and transparent processor that you've come to know, and now include an amazing suite of tools as part of our services.

We’re looking forward to the continuous feedback so that we can keep evolving with our merchants' needs.


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