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Founders Calgary Vol. 5: Up Your Tech Game

Technology plays a big role in helping today’s businesses streamline their processes and reduce inefficiencies.

Everybody always hears about “tech” this and “tech” that, but how is technology really changing the face of business, both locally and around the world?

For February’s Founders event, our panel will be discussing technology and sharing advice on how you can up your tech game.

Helcim CEO Nicolas Beique will be joining the panel along with Bobbie Racette from Virtual Gurus and Melanie Brittner from Later to share how they use technology to achieve their goals and drive their business forward. At the event, you will learn how each panelist has grown their technical skillset and embraced new technologies to accomplish exciting things. Each panelist has their own unique story and experiences to share with the attendees and won’t be shy about answering tough questions. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a technical person, you will get valuable insights into how you can approach technical projects and integrate more tech into your business to make your life easier.

You can get tickets to the February event here, we look forward to having you join us at Work Nicer for an interactive panel on how you can up your tech game to get more done and solve challenges for your customers. The Founders series includes a panel discussion, an opportunity to ask questions and network with the featured founders, and light snacks and beverages.

A huge thank you to The Ace Class for being our event partner in this series and helping us share these entrepreneurial stories with everyone. 

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