Ever wanted to ask a successful entrepreneur something outside the box? Maybe it’s something about how to launch your business, how to optimize a process, or how to overcome a certain challenge. Whatever it is, you’ll get the chance to ask our panel of entrepreneurs at the April Founders event, and no question is off limits.

For the final volume of the Founders series, we’re handing the microphone over to you and giving you the chance to ask anything you want about business and entrepreneurship. Your questions will be answered by our panel of entrepreneurs who have navigated the challenges of starting a business and found success in entrepreneurship.

Get your questions ready and come ask Nicolas Beique, CEO and Founder of Helcim; Mandy Balak, CEO and Founder of The Ace Class and It’s Date Night; and Alex Putici, Founder of Work Nicer Coworking anything that you’ve been wanting to ask but haven’t had the chance to.

We look forward to hearing your questions, so come out on Monday, April 8th and ask us anything. You can grab tickets to the event here.

A huge thank you to The Ace Class for being our event partner in this series and helping us share these entrepreneurial stories with everyone. We have enjoyed hosting these events over the past six months and connecting with other entrepreneurs, either established or aspiring, in our community.

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