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Gabriel setting up a workstation at Helcim

Vlog #22

We hired five new people last week, so the Systems Team has been busy getting all the hardware set up for their new workstations. 

Before each new team member starts, we ask them what system they prefer working on, either a PC or a Mac. We ask them this because we know that they will be spending a lot of time in front of their workstations, so it’s important that they’re comfortable with what they’re using. It also means that if they are already familiar with the system they are using they can jump into their tasks faster.

Once we know what type of system they prefer I meet with Cordell from the Systems Team to review budgets and equipment, then he goes out to a local computer store to purchase all the hardware that we need. Before the systems can be handed off to the new team members we add additional security measures to them, this is particularly important because of the industry that we work in.

Finally, we’re able to complete the workstation setup, so everything is ready to go when they first start. This is our process for getting staff set up and ready to go from day one. By asking new team members ahead of time what system they want to work on and getting it ready to go on their first day, we’re making sure they feel comfortable from day one.

If you’re looking to set up workstations for your employees, make sure you get the hardware that they need the most, so they can be productive from day one. By investing upfront in the tools that your team needs to do their jobs they will be able to do their best work and create value for your company.


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