Helcim is committed to sharing insights into the payment industry so merchants can make informed decisions for their businesses. While we cannot control how other payment processors and sales organizations choose to do business, by educating merchants on what sales tactics to look out for and what questions to ask when selecting a payment processor, we can set more businesses up for success by helping them avoid common industry pitfalls. 

As part of our commitment to merchant education, we are sharing questionable sales tactics and scams that we hear about or notice in dealings with our own merchants. We’re here to help you avoid doing business with a payment processor that is not going to put your best interests first, so check this page often and feel free to reach out to the Helcim Gurus if you encounter a fishy sales pitch. 

Alert: Dishonest Sales Representatives Offering Low Rates

There has been a recent increase in sales representatives posing as “Elavon Corporate” contacting merchants with offers of low “corporate rates,” usually around 1.42% or 1.49%. The first thing you need to know is that there is no “Elavon Corporate,” so these people are lying to you right from the start.

While these rates are enticing, they are unfortunately too good to be true. If you sign up for the offer, you are signing up for tiered or differential pricing models, which expose you to non-qualified and/or differential fees that take your overall transaction expense well past the promised low rates. These offers often also include expensive, long-term leases for equipment that are very hard to get out of and can cost a business a lot of money over the course of the lease. Helcim does not employ outside sales agents, we only use Interchange+ (Cost+) pricing as it is the most transparent and straightforward billing method, and we never offer terminal leases.  If you’ve received a call like this and want help figuring out if the offer really is as good as it seems to be, contact the Helcim Guru’s, and they can help you figure out what’s going on and will provide honest advice about how Helcim compares to the offer you’ve received. Never sign paperwork that is not Helcim-branded and that was not provided directly by your Helcim account representative. If you are unsure, please call us.

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