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Helcim Now Integrates with TablesReady

Let customers track their online food orders by integrating your Helcim account with TablesReady. 

Your restaurant, food truck, or bakery can now add TablesReady to your Online Store, making it even easier for you to manage incoming orders and let customers know when their order is ready for pickup. 

If you’re using Helcim Online Food Ordering but haven’t heard of TablesReady, it's a waitlist management, reservations, and paging app that uses text messages to help your business notify customers and stay in touch. 

If you already have an account with TablesReady, you can quickly integrate the API with your Helcim account through your Online Store settings. Once you have the integration set up, each time you receive an online food order from a customer, you will be able to view the order information and assigned pickup time through your TablesReady account.   

Adding the TablesReady integration to your Helcim account makes it even easier for customers to order online and keep track of their order as it’s prepared for pickup. If you have customer notifications enabled in your account, your customers will be able to check on the status of their order and confirm when it’s ready to pick up. 

Using the TablesReady integration alongside Helcim’s contactless and online payment tools can help you provide a safe, low contact experience to your customers that lets them wait at a safe distance from your business until their table or order is ready. Once their table is ready, they can use QR Codes you print from your Helcim account to pull up your Quick Order Menu that allows customers to order and pay online without having to come into contact with your team or touch a physical menu. 

Adding integrations that make it easier for you to manage your orders and better serve your customers is just one of the ways Helcim makes it easier for you to get paid. To learn more about integrating your Helcim account with TablesReady, you can visit our support section

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