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Launching in the USA!

CALGARY, Sept 17, 2013 - After 5 years in Canada, Helcim Inc. has announced that it has opened its doors to merchants south of the border.

Under the subsidiary HELCIM USA INC., US merchants can now sign up for credit and debit processing using Helcim's Mobile, Virtual Terminal and Retail Terminal solutions.

While US merchants have experienced many advancements in the payment industry including the Durbin amendment and the surcharge ruling, fees associated with accepting card payments continue to be a heated issue.

"Just like Canada, there is a big integrity gap in the American card acceptance industry", says founder Nicolas Beique. "This is an industry that thrives on misleading its customers with complicated rate structures and by finding new fee schemes such as monthly PCI compliance fees."

With no contract cancelation fees and clear interchange plus pricing, Helcim is hoping to have the same response in the US that it has experienced in Canada.

"If there is one thing that we have learned over the years is that no matter how much the industry changes, in the end, merchants just want to pick up the phone and have an honest conversation about their costs and possible solutions."

Learn more about US merchant services here.

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