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Nic and Daniel Working - The Helcim Vlog

Vlog #25

We’ve been running around after hours at Stampede parties and breweries for the last few vlogs, but during the day a lot has been happening at the office. This week, we wanted to give a quick update regarding the projects that we’ve been working on.  

The teams are all managing multiple projects, so we’ve put together a few different ways to quickly see what everyone is working on. From an old-school printed map, a live screen of transactions, and a trendy corkboard, the teams have found different ways to get everyone involved in each project’s success.

Daniel, one of our new developers, helped me put together a map of all the different coding projects that are either in the works and need to be coded, or that are active or need to be restructured. Whenever there are big projects going on it’s helpful to have a visual map of what people are working on.

Our intern Ivan has made progress on his project for the live transaction map, it has been added to a video screen in the lobby. Anyone coming to visit Helcim can see what transactions are being processed in North America, so if you stop by the office be sure to check it out.

A lot of changes are also happening with the Growth Team, they have recently added a cork wall by the studio to map out the projects they are working on. They will be using it as a content wall to keep everyone updated on what stage of production the different videos are in.

All these projects are very exciting because they reflect how the team is growing, which is great news for Helcim, but it also means we’re starting to outgrow our current office space. To make room for more desks and accommodate our recent growth, we’re considering moving our library and staff lounge.

That’s it for us this week, I’ve got to get back to work. But keep watching the vlog for more exciting updates coming soon.


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