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Helcim vs. First Data

“If you are searching for a professional, competent, and reliable payment processing company, look no further. After briefly trying out the services of another major payment processor, I knew my business would need something much better. I am very pleased to have found Helcim. Their support team is stellar! They promptly reply in a personable manner with solutions to problems. They offer many additional business tools to make your life easier. This was important to me. Let's face it. No one is jumping up and down about paying merchant fees -- but it's part of doing business and you might as well go with a transparent pricing structure at a solid company. I feel confident growing my business with the team at Helcim.

                    - Anna E., Care Bento    

When you partner with Helcim, you can be confident that you have chosen a payment processor that has your best interests in mind. If you have a question or a concern, you can reach out directly to our knowledgeable in-house customer service team. While this would seem like a standard expectation, this isn’t always the case with the large traditional payment processors. Some of them work with resellers or third-party organizations to sell their products and this can be frustrating for business owners who have to move through different companies to try and find the information they need. In some cases, businesses may have only been given partial information when signing up through one of these resellers and may not even know who the backend processor is. 

Helcim is proud to offer great customer service to all of our merchants and to offer our services directly to businesses, you’ll never have to worry about dealing with a third-party instead of the Helcim Team. You can find all of the information you need on our website, from details on our hardware, how our software can help your business, and a complete picture of what our pricing and fees are. All of this information is available online so you can make an informed decision on whether Helcim is right for your business. 

We offer our affordable Interchange Plus Pricing to all of our merchants, and you can use our online rate comparison tool to compare your current statement to Helcim’s pricing. It’s not just more affordable payment processing fees either, we charge $0 for a wide range of services that other payment processors charge extra for. Some of the fees that we don't charge for that many other processors do include setup fees, cancellation fees, quarterly fees, PCI and non-compliance fees, bank deposit fees, and customer service fees. At Helcim, it's all about the fees you’re not paying. 

We also give our merchants access to all of our software for free, from the minute they sign up. That means useful features such as adding more users or devices, sending unlimited invoices, and access to powerful tools that let you do things like creating an online store or using the Helcim Fraud Defender to help protect your business are all automatically included with your Helcim account. 

Ready to Switch to Helcim? 

If your business needs to accept credit and debit cards in person or online, Helcim provides honest, transparent, and affordable credit card processing and is regularly reviewed as being among the best processors for small and medium sized businesses. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Helcim can help your business, contact our friendly team of Helcim Gurus.