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Helcim vs. Global Payments

“After 4 years of using Global Payments, we decided to make the switch to Helcim after reading many positive reviews. I am so happy that we did. In our 1st month, we saved 50% in fees/service costs from what we were paying with Global Payments. Not only that, the customer service is amazing. Emails are replied to quickly and very rarely are we put on hold when calling in. We estimate that we will save between 6-8 thousand dollars this year on fees. If you run a business do yourself a favor and make the switch to Helcim.”

            - Matthew Durka, Breakaway Sports Cards

The Helcim Team is committed to making it easier for you to accept payments. That means we’re available to answer any questions you might have, and we put honesty and transparency first. Unlike many of the traditional payment processors, when you call our friendly team of Helcim Gurus, you get to speak to a real person whose only job is to help you by answering your questions and explaining how the payments industry works. We don’t have any sales quotas or commissions, so you’ll never feel like you’re being pressured to sign up for a service that might not be right for your business. 

While Helcim’s customer service puts education and support first, most of the large payment processors have customer service primarily for the purpose of sales. This is because they do not advertise their pricing structure or fees on their websites, instead you need to contact them to ask about what you might end up paying. If a payment processor doesn’t mention their fees or pricing on their website and instead encourages you to call them, that should be a big red flag.

Helcim puts all of its pricing information and fees on its website, so it’s easy for you to find all the information you need without having to call a support team and hope you’re asking the right questions. Providing more affordable payment processing with transparent rates is just one of the ways Helcim differentiates itself from other payment providers. All of our rates are listed on our website, and we give you the option to compare your current payment provider’s rates with Helcim using our online tools. Every account benefits from Interchange Plus pricing, which is widely regarded as being the most affordable and transparent pricing structure in the industry. 

It’s not just lower payment processing fees that set us apart. We’re proud to charge $0 for a wide range of services that other payment processors charge extra for, including no setup fees, no cancellation fees, no quarterly fees, no PCI & non-compliance fees, no bank deposit fees, and no customer service fees. Having $0 fees for these services can save your business a lot of money in the long run and we often speak to merchants who have been burned by the fees piling up over time, often without them even realizing it.  For example, some processors will actually bill your PCI Non-Compliance fees as a percentage of your processing volume, meaning that if your business processes a large volume of transactions, you might be looking at sizeable fees appearing on your statement.  

Ready to Switch to Helcim? 

If your business needs to accept credit and debit cards in person or online, Helcim provides honest, transparent, and affordable credit card processing and is regularly reviewed as being among the best processors for small and medium sized businesses. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Helcim can help your business, contact our friendly team of Helcim Gurus.