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Helcim vs. Global Payments

Helcim Believes in Transparent Pricing

Most large payment processors do not openly share their pricing on their websites or anywhere that it’s easy to access. If you want to know what their services are going to cost then you need to call in and speak with a customer service agent for details on their processing rates, per-occurrence fees, and cancellation or early termination fees.

By making the rates difficult to access payment processors are making it hard for you to compare between two different companies and increasing the likelihood that you do not ask about certain fees that might apply to your account. If you do not know to ask about a certain fee, such as PCI Non-Compliance fees, then you may end up paying for hidden fees that you were not expecting or were not aware of.

Some processors may also structure their PCI Non-Compliance fees as a percentage of your processing volume which, if you’re processing a large volume of transactions, can significantly increase the size of the fee.

At Helcim, we don’t believe in hiding our per occurrence fees or making you call in and hope you’ve asked all the right questions needed to understand what each of the fees is. Because our processing and per occurrence fees are a flat rate and are all listed on our website it’s easy to see what all the fees might be. Our customer service team works with you, so you are knowledgeable on things such as PCI Non-Compliance and can avoid the fee altogether.

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