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Helcim vs. Stripe

Helcim Has a Lot to Offer

Helcim Offers a Full-Feature Merchant Platform - No Coding Required

Get your business running right away, with Helcim you don’t need a programmer, developer or a web designer to get started. Not only does Helcim offer great developer tools (including APIs and Helcim.js) giving businesses the flexibility they need, we offer Helcim Commerce, a full-feature merchant platform that can easily be used without a developer. It features a Virtual Terminal, Card-Vault, Invoicing, Customer Portal, Recurring Payments and so much more. While Stripe has built a reputation for offering a wide range of developer and integration tools, the platform requires coding knowledge to get up and running. Without a developer to program your own Virtual Terminal and integrations, merchants can feel severely limited by their service coming from a traditional merchant account.

Helcim Has Fast Bank Deposits

Helcim offers bank deposits within 1-2 business days to all merchants. By default, Stripe's payout schedule takes 7-10 business days to deposit funds into your bank account, with only some US Merchants qualifying for 2-day deposits.

Helcim Provides Card-Present Solutions

Helcim offers a wide-range of card-present processing solutions including credit and debit terminals and mobile apps. If your business needs to be to able accept payments in person a processor like Stripe who focuses on e-commerce integrations and transactions might not be the best choice.

Helcim Has Lower Processing Fees

While Helcim charges a basic monthly fee, we offer much lower processing rates thanks to our transparent Interchange+ pricing. The chart below shows a comparison between Helcim and Stripe processing. The more you process, the more our Interchange+ pricing will save you. Like PayPal, Stripe charges 2.9% + 30 cents for each transaction. While their lack of monthly fee may seem appealing, merchants only need to process over $7,500 per month before those high processing fees end up costing you more than the monthly fee savings.

Breakeven Analysis

Credit Card Volume (Monthly)Helcim Total CostStripe Total CostSavings
*Estimates are based on keyed transactions with an average ticket of $250 and Canadian Intechange Rates. Helcim costs are based on a $35/mth monthly fee and an estimated effective discount rate of 2.29% + 25 cents for volumes up to $25,000 per month, 2.19% + 20 cents for up to $100,000 per month and 2.14% + 15 cents for up to $250,000 per month. Stripe's costs are based on 2.9% + 30 cents.

Feature List

Helcim Commerce

Online Store
Product Catalog
Recurring Billing
Advanced Recurring and Subscription Management


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