Vlog #1

We want to help you grow your business, so we’ll be sharing new videos every week with you in mind. It starts with this weekly vlog, giving you an inside look into Helcim and what drives us. Our goal is to document our journey, give you a backstage pass to our company, share advice on our successes and our failures, and most importantly, engage with our merchants.

We have a new studio, mics, cameras, an enthusiastic staff, and we’re making new videos every week. From payments to retail to e-commerce to security to general business tips, we want each video to bring you value. We’re also making videos focused squarely on growing your business in new and interesting ways.

Switching to Helcim Commerce

If you’re still using our legacy Helcim Virtual Terminal or Helcim Gateway, switching is easy and will not impact your pricing. We’re grandfathering our existing merchants to Helcim Commerce, and we can migrate your data in a few minutes. Helcim Commerce has a gazillion* more features, a better interface and way more tools to help your business. Just call our support team to get switched over.

* (not a gazillion, but a lot)

Keep in touch!

Helcim Commerce was designed based on years of feedback from merchants, and we're adding more functionality every day. Call, email, or just leave us a comment and we’ll keep making features as well as videos to help your business.

Thanks for being on this journey with us.