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Vlog #19

Lately, I’ve been feeling that no matter how much work I put in, things aren’t moving forward as much as I would like. For me, this is a sign that it’s time to bring in new people and delegate. I think delegation is something a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with, so I wanted to talk about it in this week’s vlog.

Delegating Tasks Allows You to Focus on What Your Team Needs

When you start a small business as the sole employee, you must do everything yourself. You become the expert in everything related to the business and have a lot of pride and ownership in what you’ve created. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you need to bring in other people to continue to grow and you have to delegate the ownership of certain tasks to new people.

Delegating tasks hasn’t always been easy for me. When Helcim was just starting to grow we had about ten people working for the company, but I was still focused on answering the phone, completing sales calls, and providing customer service. This meant that for much of the day I was unavailable to my team because I was on the phone with customers.

My wake-up call didn’t come until a staff member, Adelia, came into my office and very directly told me that I need to get off the phone. By spending all day on the phone, I wasn’t supporting my team in the way that they needed. Helcim had the staff now who could do sales and customer support, they didn’t need me answering the phone anymore. What they needed was for me to be available to them when they had questions or needed training. My conversation with Adelia really snapped me out of it and I’m grateful that she was able to be that honest with me.

Finding someone with the skills you need and who you can trust can be challenging. The best piece of advice I can give if you’re having a hard time letting go and delegating is to throw yourself into the task first. This way, when you hand off the tasks you can have good conversations with the people you hire and then they can run with it.

I’ve gotten better at delegating over time and we’ve built a talented team of people who I trust to help support Helcim’s growth. As we keep growing, the need to delegate continues. We are adding new positions and skills that we’ve never had before, and I look forward to learning new skills as we continue to bring in new people.


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