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Nic and Lego - From Vlog 13

Vlog #13

What is the best way to commemorate a new personal motto? To build it out of Lego of course. In this week’s vlog, we discuss why it was time for a new motto and how we built the Lego sign.


Time for a New Motto

I’ve had a personal motto for a long time, and it was “Power Through.” It reminded me to keep going and push through the challenges and to get things done no matter the obstacle. As Helcim and the team grow, I wanted a motto that better reflected our day to day at Helcim. We love building code at Helcim, and we build a lot of things on our own here, so I felt a suitable new personal motto would be “Just Build It.”

As we discussed in our previous vlog, we hire creative people at Helcim. So, to commemorate this new motto we didn’t want to do something like just putting it up in vinyl on the wall. We decided that a fun way to make the sign would be by using Lego.

We ordered 3,000 Lego bricks to complete the new “Just Build It” sign and assembled a team of Helcim employees to work on the construction. At Helcim we believe in having fun at work and incorporating play into our day to day and building this Lego sign was the perfect way to have some fun at work.

I’m really happy with the new motto, it’s a great reflection of me, the team, and our focus here at Helcim to build tools that help businesses succeed.


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