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Vlog #2

In this week’s vlog, I talk about why we decided to have an in-house team instead of outsourcing services. While this decision was applied to all of our operations, I believe it’s with our customer service and our software development teams where the benefits are most felt.

*I apologize for the quiet audio, we were filming on the operation’s side of Helcim’s offices (where our sales gurus and customer service teams work) and I didn’t want to disturb anyone who was on the phone. However, I do want these vlogs to be easier to hear and understand, so I've learned my lesson for next week and we'll film where I can speak louder. Also, its WHMCS, not WHCMS - oops.

From a tech-support perspective, having an in-house team allows us to provide better customer service and stay engaged with our merchants. Local people talking to customers all day while being at the heart of our business activities is hard to beat, versus tech-support agents in a distant call center.

For software development, we decided a while back that we were transforming Helcim into financial technology company (aka financial services + software). It’s hard to be a tech company without in-house developers. We wanted to make sure that we could respond quickly to bugs, and code new features with little friction. Agile software development was key for us and we needed a development team on staff to achieve this.

In the end, every company and industry is unique, and the right choice between in-house vs. outsourcing isn’t always clear. To me, it was all worth it despite the higher cost. Having everyone under one roof helped create something special.

-Nicin-house team