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Map of Mastercard rates

Mastercard Location Fee?

Mastercard has recently announced a new annual fee which will be billed on a per-location basis for all US merchant locations accepting the card-brand. This year's fee of $7.50 will appear on merchants' November 2016 statements. The fee will increase to $15/year starting in 2017. This is similar to the fees already charged by other card-brands and debit networks, such as Visa's Fixed Acquirer Network Fees (FANF).

Helcim is Committed to Being Your Transparent Payment Partner

Helcim does not agree with these monthly or annual fees being levied by card-brands in recent years, as we feel they are unwarranted and do not add value to merchants. Please note that we are passing these on without any markups as part of our interchange plus pricing.

Fortunately, the impact on your overall merchant services cost will be minimal, as the annual fee (divided by 12 months) will result in $1.25 per month in additional cost per location. If you've switched to us from another provider, odds are you've saved hundreds of dollars per month in processing fees thanks to our Interchange+ pricing. We remain committed to our industry-leading interchange plus pricing approach, with continued dedication to offering our merchants excellent service paired with honest, transparent, and competitive rates - without hidden fees or gimmicks.

Thank you for continuing to grow your business with us, and we always welcome your feedback.

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