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Are the Interchange Rates Changing?

No. Fortunately the commitment that Visa and Mastercard made in 2015 to keep the Interchange low in Canada for 5 years still remains. The Canadian Interchange rates are not being impacted in April 2016. 

What is Changing?

Mastercard Canada is making minimal changes to the card-brand fees that it charges (part of our interchange plus pricing). Starting April 1, they will be charging an acquirer license fee of 0.0122%, a fixed acquirer access fee of 0.008%, which applies to all transactions.

For account verification ($0.00 authorization), address verification (AVS), and security code verification (CVC), they will be charging $0.0283, $0.0113, and $0.0028 respectively per verification.

Mastercard Canada is also removing their $0.14 "INTL IMP Processing Fee" charged on cross-border transactions.

How Much Will My Fees Increase?

With most of the changes minimal (fractions of cents or basis points), we estimate that the impact will be approximately an increase of $1.22 for every $10,000 you process in Mastercard transactions.


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