We launched our Merchants of Helcim series to showcase some of our merchants and get to know their stories. We’re so proud to be able to provide payment and software solutions for a wide range of businesses across many different industries, and this series gives us an opportunity to introduce some of the great people that we get to work with every day. 

We’re really excited about this episode of Merchants of Helcim because we’re visiting our long-term client, Sheni’s Auto-Trend. They have been a client of Helcim’s for ten years! We met up with Sheni’s son, Zuhair, to learn more about this Calgary based family business, and check out the vehicles they have in the shop. If you are a car enthusiast, then this is the episode for you.

Sheni’s has always been a family business. He got his start in England working at BMW Great Britain before moving to Toronto, CA where he worked for Town and Country BMW. Once he started at Town and Country BMW, it only took Sheni two months to become the shop foreman. From there he decided to open up Sheni’s Auto-Trend.

Sheni’s Auto-Trend has been a long-standing local business in Calgary, they opened in 1998 and celebrated their 20th Anniversary this year. They recently moved into their current location, just off Blackfoot Trail, at the end of 2017. The new location allows them to service all types of vehicles and provide full detailing to their customers.

Because Sheni’s Auto-Trend has been a customer of ours for such a long time, we had to ask them what makes them stay with us. Zuhair shared that it’s his personal relationship with Helcim’s CEO Nic and COO Rob that has made all the difference. We were also happy to hear that the customer service has been great because we strongly believe that exceptional customer service is the Helcim advantage.

Helcim is lucky to get to work with a wide variety of different merchants including everything from automotive technicians to lawyers, so we really enjoy getting out of the office for a bit and meeting with our merchants in their places of business.