The Helcim Mobile App and Card Reader lets you accept payments from almost any Android and iOS device, including cell-phones and tablets. Our mobile app is part of the Helcim Commerce platform and is available to all of our merchants.

In the video below, Aaron walks us through using the Mobile Card Reader and the top recommended troubleshooting steps if you’re having difficulties processing transactions.


Case Too Big

If your smartphone has a case, the case may be too thick to allow the reader to make a full connection. We recommend either removing the case or getting an audio jack extender, such as this one from Amazon.

Dirty Reader Contact

Be sure to clean the reader contact to make sure that a stable connection is established. We recommend using a lens wipe.

Switch In the Wrong Position

Helcim Mobile Card Readers have a switch on the side of the device. This switch should be in the “down” position, towards the cell phone.

Wrong Helcim Mobile App Settings

Make sure that the “Helcim - Card Reader” is selected as your app’s terminal type. In the app, go to “Settings” and scroll to the Hardware Settings.

App Missing Permissions

The Helcim Mobile App needs certain permissions to be able to communicate with the reader. Make sure that app is allowed access to the microphone, phone, and storage on your device.

Volume Too Low

The Helcim Mobile Card Reader transmit data through the audio jack by sending data in an auditory format, which is converted back into data by the app. In order to do so, your phone’s volume must be set to 100%, or the reader will not be able to send the credit card data.

Battery is Dead

Each reader has a battery on the inside of the device, which can power up to 20,000 transactions and typically last about twelve months. The battery is a common CR2025 3V battery and can be found in most stores in including Amazon.

For more step-by-step guides to our mobile app, visit our support section.

You can order your card-reader here, and sign up for a Helcim merchant account here.