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We are excited to announce the release of our new terminal line.

Technology is doubling in its complexity and intricacy almost every couple of years now. With this fast pace enhancement, you would expect all the hardware and software involved with your business to be updated as well. To meet this need for advanced technology in payments, Helcim is proud to release a new line of Ingenico Telium Terminals.

These payment terminals are top of the line in both security and customer-centric payment offering. These new terminals feature new security features such as supporting chip and pin payments. Some offer NFC (Near-Field Communication payments) that make for faster check-out times. A more compact design rids of the bulky unattractive machines of the past. These support virtually every payment method and now communicate with other software (such as the Helcim POS).

Perfect for any industry, from pizza delivery to manufacturing services, there is an Ingenico Telium terminal for every business. The new line of machines features one basic wired countertop terminal (iCT220), a wired countertop terminal complete with tap-pay (iCT250), and two wireless terminals; one short-range (iWL220) and one long-range (iWL250).

These terminals also come with a brand new operating system that has a friendlier user-interface. The terminals have extensive ability to connect to hundreds of apps that require payment data. If you are a Helcim merchant, these terminals connect flawlessly with not only the Helcim POS software but will send data through to your account, adjusting inventory counts, financials, and even your collect data on your customer.

Here at Helcim, we are excited that we can offer new hardware that creates a better customer experience for our merchants. With these new state-of-the-art devices; faster processors, faster printers, new payment technology, and bigger screens translate into more sales and happier customers. All of our equipment comes with safeguarded, full equipment warranties. 

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