Vlog #7

In this weekly update, a new videographer joins the Helcim team. Follow Chris as he films his first day at Helcim and learns our approach to building a great team.

Culture Comes From The Top

I'm a strong believer that the two primary functions of a CEO are; 1) set a vision for the company and; 2) establish the company’s culture.

A lot has been written about vision, but a leader’s responsibility when it comes to culture is often less emphasized. I believe that culture can have just as much of an impact on whether your company succeeds as the products, vision and plans that you devise.

As a CEO, it is your responsibility to cultivate a work atmosphere that allows your business to succeed. The best way of doing so is leading by example - if you want your staff to be friendly, you have to be friendly yourself. If you want your staff to be hardworking, you have to work hard yourself.

Helcim is still a small company, and I fortunately still have the opportunity to spend time with new team members. Spending my day with a new hire not only gives me a chance to get to know them, but it also allows me to show first hand how our team interacts, works and sets expectations. This week, I had the chance to do so with our new videographer.

Welcome to the team Chris!