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Add QR Code Payments to Your Business

Create and display QR Codes for anything you want to sell or accept payment for without having to create a full online store. 

You can create QR Codes for your Quick Order Menu and Hosted Payment Pages from your Helcim account. Displaying QR Codes provides a fast and contactless way for customers to visit your online menu and complete payment for items. Customers can initialize and complete the payment using their smartphone, and you can track their orders from within your Helcim account.    

Why Use QR Codes?

With more customers looking for contactless payment options, QR codes are an easy way to remove touchpoints from your customer experience. Using QR codes replaces the need to deliver physical menus, pass payment cards back and forth, and share hardware with customers. Instead, customers can review your menu or products, place their order, and pay all from their own personal device and without enlisting as much help from your staff. 

QR codes are also easy to deploy, they simply function as another way to direct customers to payment pages or online stores that already exist. By making it fast and easy for customers to pull up a URL, instead of having to type it in, you’re improving their experience and empowering them at the same time.

How to Create a QR Code

You can create QR codes for your Online Store, Online Food Ordering, and Hosted Payment Pages right from your Helcim account. To create the QR code, simply login to your account and generate the code for the desired landing page. Once created, you can print and display the code anywhere you interact with customers. 

Who Should Use QR Codes?

Any business with an online payment page or online store can benefit from using QR Codes. If your business hasn’t set up an online presence yet, now is a great time to get started because this is a great tool for businesses that traditionally only accepted payments in person. With the increase in ecommerce payments and customers shopping online, having an online presence, even with something as simple as a payment page, can make it easier for you to serve your customers. 

If your business has set up a payment page, then you can easily integrate QR codes as another way to direct customers to your page. Some common uses of payment pages are:

  • To accept tips and gratuities without having to collect cash 

  • For donations to charities and nonprofits 

  • For fast rental payments for everything from ski’s, kayaks, paddleboards, scooters, and more 

  • To quickly pay for parking or transit passes 

  • To collect drop-in fees at public events or facilities 

  • As a replacement for services that usually accept cash payments

Payment pages have unlimited uses. Best of all, they are fast and easy to set up so you can create and deploy one in minutes. By leveraging the recent adaptation of QR codes you can take this traditionally online tool and use it for your in-person payments too. Printing a QR code for access to the payment page also replaces the need to purchase hardware or have an unattended terminal or card reader for customers to use. 

Another popular way to use QR codes is for Online Food Ordering at restaurants. Using QR codes can simplify your ordering process while reducing touchpoints for customers and your team. Simply create a quick-order menu from your Helcim account, then create and print QR codes for your tables. You can assign table numbers or descriptions to each code so you know where each order goes. 

When a customer visits your restaurant, they simply scan the QR code to pull up your menu, then order and pay right from their phone. You can view the orders through the Order Manager in your Helcim account as they are submitted, any custom notes or table numbers you entered when creating the QR code will be displayed in the order notes for your reference.  

Using QR codes provides flexibility to different types of restaurants by:

  • Removing the need for menus and letting customers pay on their own

  • Making takeout orders easy by displaying the QR code on your front window or door, customers can order and pay without having to come into your business 

  • Making food truck and mobile pop-up orders easy, customers can pull up your menu and order on their own

Start Using QR Codes Today

If your business needs more contactless and online payment options, we can help. Helcim provides honest, transparent, and affordable credit card processing. Our Interchange Plus pricing is widely regarded as the most honest and affordable billing method in the industry and our customer service is consistently lauded as a step above. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how Helcim can help your business, you can contact our friendly team of Helcim Gurus.

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