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Rezgo Integration Now Supported on Helcim Commerce

The Helcim integration with Rezgo was previously supported through the Helcim Legacy Gateway.

Recent updates to the Rezgo platform now allow Helcim Commerce users to use the integration.

Helcim is committed to providing the best payment experience, and that is why we offer powerful integration options, like the built-in Rezgo Integration, that make it easy to offer great online payments. By choosing Helcim as your payment processor, you make it easy for customers to complete purchases online while you benefit from the most transparent and affordable pricing structure in the industry, interchange plus pricing, as well as a built-in merchant account, no hidden fees or cancellation fees, our rate lock guarantee, and amazing customer service

To get started with using Helcim, you simply need to sign up for an account if you do not have one already, and then you will have access to the Rezgo shopping cart integration.

The Helcim Development Team is constantly working hard to give you more ways to make accepting credit card payments easy and simple, so we’re very excited to share this new integration option with our merchants. If you have any questions about setting up the Helcim Shopping Cart Integration for Rezgo, please reach out to the Helcim Gurus by phone or by email for assistance.

For a full list of all the different software integrations that Helcim offers, or to learn more about custom integration options, please visit the integrations section of our website.

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