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Nic Talking About Profit Share

Vlog #21

In this weekly episode, I get to share one of my favorite things, employee profit share day. I’m proud to have built a company that has a vision that is bigger than myself, we are successful because of the combined efforts of everyone on our team, and our profit share reflects this.

Transparency At All Levels

I wanted to build a company where everyone felt like they were a part of it, and where their contributions were recognized. Because Helcim is a privately held company that does not have any investors I was able to put together two things. First, are company stock options awarded to employees on their first anniversary with Helcim, and second is the profit share where 25% of the company profits from the past six months go back to the employees.

Having these open conversations with employees twice a year for the profit share and salary increases also reinforce our commitment to transparency. We’ve always been committed to being open and honest with our merchants, but it’s important that we continue that internally. As we identify more opportunities to share information that many companies traditionally keep only to members of management, such as financial statements and salary ranges, I hope that our willingness to share helps employees feel more invested in the company.

We’ve also tried to bring this transparency and openness into the interviews we’ve been completing this week. We got to meet with some great people this week and sharing all the great things we’re working on gets us excited all over again for the work that we do. Hopefully, all the new hires will start their first day with us with a solid sense of our culture and what we’re all about because of our willingness to share.


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