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Nic Back to the Camera Outside Where it Is Snowing

Vlog #11

A snowstorm in late April and an unforeseen code change with a bank underwriting system. Sometimes you just have to put your plans on pause and go with the flow.

A Lesson In Staying Nimble

Different parts of our operations depend on various third-party systems and vendors. One of those operations is our merchant boarding (approval) process, where we rely on our banking partner to underwrite merchant account applications for us. While changes to their systems are usually communicated in advance, in this particular case, changes were made over the weekend without us being aware. We came into the office on Monday with a backlog of merchants waiting to be approved, which is not the experience we want to deliver to our customers. We immediately changed our plans for the day. We huddled up, identified the problem, our developers coded a solution, tested it, and implemented it within a few hours.

In another episode, we talked about the benefits of having an in-house software development team. One of those benefits is being able to quickly respond to changes, including unforeseen ones. This week was a great example of why staying nimble with in-house developers is so crucial to us. As businesses become dependant on platforms and systems to operate, a skilled team to maintain and adapt these gives you a competitive advantage in an already very competitive world.


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