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Lessons from Founders Vol. 1

You have to jump off the cliff, you can’t just dip your toes in the water. If you jump off the cliff, your toe will hit the water!

This lesson, shared by Graham Sherman from Toolshed Brewing Company, was just one of the great pieces of advice about launching a business that attendees to the first Founders event heard throughout the evening.

On October 15th, aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, hustlers, and other members of the Calgary community joined the Helcim and The Ace Class teams at Work Nicer to hear the startup stories from four passionate entrepreneurs on how they started their small businesses.

Watch the entire event HERE.

Graham Sherman from Toolshed Brewing Company, Pippa and Neige Blair from Routine Cream, and Angel Guerra from Market Collective shared the challenges, the successes, and the lessons learned while they were building their businesses. We are so grateful to them for sharing a candid look at their journey and letting us put them on the spot with our questions about everything from what their marketing plan is, where their business idea came from, what it's really like running a business, and how they decided on their business structure. 

This was just the first event for the Founders series, we’ll be back in November with new panelists who will be sharing how they have built their own A-Teams. Finding and hiring a strong team is a challenge, even for established companies, and we can’t wait to learn more about how they succeeded in recruiting their own A-Teams. 

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