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Nic Back to the Camera In the Helcim Studio

Vlog #10

How do you find the balance between being candid and being professional? In this week’s vlog, we look into our ongoing efforts to stay genuine in every type of communication with our merchants.

The Evolution of Our Weekly Series

While this is only episode number ten, we’ve pivoted a few times with these videos. Originally titled “Weekly Updates”, the goal was to provide news and feature updates to our existing customers. Unfortunately, the content seemed at times ‘pitchy’, and with gaps between feature releases, it was challenging to provide news every week.

Then we thought about making each episode a poignant piece of advice for entrepreneurs. And while we liked the messaging, the format felt dry at times. We also already have a series called “The Ground Up”, where we provide tips on how to start a business from…you guessed it…the ground up. Now the vlog felt redundant, and less of a vlog.

So welcome to the next evolution (read: course corrections and pivoting) and the new title of this weekly video series: The Helcim Vlog.

You may recognize the format - we accidentally stumbled upon it in episode four, “A Day In the Life of Helcim”. At the time, we did not have any new features to announce so we filmed ourselves throughout the day. The result was a candid look into our company and our day-to-day, and our most enjoyed vlog to date. We wanted to go back to that format, and really let our audience in. Our goal is now to simply take you on the journey with us, as we continue to build Helcim. We hope you enjoy this new episode as much as we enjoyed making it.


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