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Cool Features of Commerce - Helcim JS

If you’re a merchant looking to accept payments online, then Helcim.js just might be the solution to your business needs.

Using Helcim.js will solve all your integration challenges and allow your business to quickly add payments to your website, without having to worry about storing sensitive data or the added security of storing full credit card numbers.

The other options

Before Helcim.js, if you were a merchant who wanted to accept credit cards through your website, you had two options. You could either integrate a direct payment gateway API or set up a hosted payment page.

Implementing a direct payment API allows users to stay on your website, provides a solid checkout experience, and gives you full control over the HTML and CSS. However, the downsides to the direct payment API are the added programming requirements, security concerns, and stricter PCI Compliance requirements.

If you instead decided to opt for a hosted payment page, the page would include better security and be easy to integrate into your website. But the downside is that because it’s a hosted page, users have to leave your website to make the payment, and you have no control over the HTML.

Neither option presents a perfect solution for adding payments to your online website, and you just have to accept that there is a significant trade-off depending on which option you decide to go with.

Introducing the magic of Helcim.js 

Using Helcim.js will allow your business to benefit from the positive aspects of both the direct payment API and the hosted payment page, with none of the drawbacks. This is possible because Helcim.js creates a secure connection between your customer’s web browser and the Helcim servers. This means that although your customers never leave your website to enter their information, the credit card numbers don’t touch your website. The only information your website receives is the transaction response with the card token. Because the credit card information isn’t entered on your website, you do not have any of the security concerns or heightened PCI Compliance requirements associated with the other two payment options.

Adding Helcim.js to your website is extremely easy, all you need to do is log in to your Helcim account and create a new configuration with the options you want. Once that's done, you simply copy and paste the code provided onto your website.

Helcim.js is the ultimate plugin if you want to accept credit cards on your website. Your business will benefit from the best parts of a direct payment API and the best parts of a hosted payment page, without any of the drawbacks. That is what makes Helcim.js magic.

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