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We are excited to announce that all of our pricing sections have been updated to show our new Cost Plus (Interchange Plus) Pricing method.

Cost plus pricing is replacing our previous tiered and flat pricing approach. In our ongoing efforts to provide savings and transparency, we believe that cost plus pricing is the best way to build a great relationship with you.

How Does Cost Plus Pricing Work?

Cost plus pricing is a fee structure used by payment processors. The pricing structure is set up so that merchants are only charged what is appropriate based on which type of credit card the customer is using. The payment processer, (that would be us) takes a small, flat processing fee on every transaction, with no hidden cost down the road for the merchant.

When a business owner accepts a credit card payment, they are charged what is called an 'interchange fee' by Visa or MasterCard, for each credit card transaction. This interchange fee varies depending on the type of card the customer is using. Some cards bring lower interchange fees than others.

Why We Made The Switch

The issue with most processors is that they will charge a flat fee on top of every transaction, regardless of the type of card. While this might only translate to an extra 1% loss on each sale, this amount can quickly build up to thousands of lost dollars, eating into your margins. A cost plus pricing structure allows your business to take advantage of these savings where they are appropriate.

We switched to a cost plus pricing structure because we believe it is the most transparent and fair pricing method we can offer our merchants. Cost plus pricing is available to all Helcim merchants, across the board, from retail to virtual terminal, to mobile and ecommerce solutions. If you are interested in learning about how cost plus pricing works further, how to calculate your effective rate, and the current interchange costs in Canada, check out our more extensive resource on Cost Plus Pricing in Canada.

If you are looking for more information or having a hard time deciphering the statement from your current provider, contact our friendly team of Helcim Gurus.

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