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Ingenico ICT 250

At Helcim, we’re committed to making it easy for you to accept payments, and that extends to the options we have for choosing the right hardware for your business.

We don’t believe that merchants get any value out of leasing their equipment, so we simply don’t do it. All of our merchants can purchase their card readers outright for a low one-time cost.

Why you shouldn’t lease a terminal 

The reason why we don’t encourage leasing your hardware is very simple, it’s not a cost-effective option. Because leases are often for long periods of time and include steep penalties for early cancellations or breaking your lease, you will be stuck paying the same inflated monthly fee for years.

Helcim lists the purchase price for our card reader on our website so you can see what the total cost of the unit would be. When the purchase price is compared to leases which are often $30-40 a month for three years you’ll see that you would end up paying for the unit up to five times over again. That is an expense that your business simply does not need to incur.

Because terminal leases are a large source of income for many payment processors they often do not offer a choice to do anything but lease a terminal, so it’s important that you’re aware there are better options available.

Purchase with peace of mind

You can purchase your terminal for one low fee right from your Helcim account. The price for the card reader is listed on our website and it comes with a one-year warranty for additional security. The one-time purchase cost will save your business a significant amount of money compared to leasing the terminals.

Find a payment processor who gives you options

Ultimately, terminal and equipment leases should be avoided at all costs. Although the monthly fee might seem manageable initially, over the course of your lease, you will end up paying for the cost of the terminal several times over. If your payment processor doesn’t offer rent or purchase options for hardware and equipment, then it may be time to shop around.

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