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Understanding Payments

How Your Role in a Credit Card Transaction Changes Your Risk

By Zachary Nickerson on May 9, 2019

Understanding where the unique risks lie for each entity involved in a transaction can help you better understand the fees you pay as a merchant, the processes - both apparent and hidden - you’re involved in each time you process a credit card, and your business’ general place in how it all works.

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The Future of Point-of-Sale Systems

By Zachary Nickerson on Apr 9, 2019

Knowing what the latest trends are for POS systems, can help you keep your hardware and software up to date, ensuring you have the tools needed to provide the best possible customer experience as well as giving you the sales and customer insights that will help you make informed business decisions.

Understanding Payments

Flat Rate Pricing | What They Don't Tell You

By Zachary Nickerson on Apr 6, 2019

Flat Rate pricing simply means that the credit card processor is charging you one flat rate for all of your credit card transactions, regardless of the interchange rate fluctuating based on the card type.

Understanding Payments

Equipment Solutions for Card Present Transactions

By Zachary Nickerson on Mar 5, 2019

These hardware options should give you a good understanding to get started with taking payments in person. The most important things to remember is to select hardware that works for your business and that accepts payment types that your customers are comfortable using.

Understanding Payments

Understanding Declines for Credit Card Processing

By Zachary Nickerson on Feb 19, 2019

When a credit card is approved during a transaction, it is the customer’s issuing bank, not the processor or the card network, that is approving the card. Similar to how a transaction is approved, when a credit card is declined, it is typically declined by the cardholder’s issuing bank, as they are the entity that decides the outcome of the transaction.

Payments News

Contactless Payments Gaining Popularity in the US

By Zachary Nickerson on Jan 29, 2019

This year, US consumers can expect to upgrade many of their debit and credit cards to include tap and pay functionality, also known as NFC technology.

Understanding Payments

An Overview of High-Risk Credit Card Processing

By Zachary Nickerson on Jan 10, 2019

Payment processors are not all the same, they often have their own unique areas of specialization where they can best meet the needs of specific businesses or markets. This is especially true when it comes to finding a payment processor for high-risk merchants.

Using Helcim

Ecwid Payment Integration for Helcim

By Zachary Nickerson on Dec 20, 2018

If you’re using Ecwid as your eCommerce shopping cart, you can now add Helcim as a Payment Processor when you’re setting up your account.

Understanding Payments

Tap and Pay to Become a Primary Transaction Method

By Zachary Nickerson on Dec 11, 2018

Creating a quick and easy checkout experience is beneficial for businesses looking to complete customer transactions as fast as possible such as grocery stores, quick-service restaurants, and pharmacies.

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Customize Your POS Tablet and Find Popular Products Faster

By Zachary Nickerson on Nov 30, 2018

Using the Custom POS Templates, you can create customized templates highlighting certain popular products that you know customers will be buying, or that you find yourself searching for regularly, so you don’t have to sort through all the other product pages.

Using Helcim

Drupal Payment Gateway Available with Helcim

By Zachary Nickerson on Nov 28, 2018

We are excited to share that we have a new integration option available for merchants who are using Drupal as their web platform.

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9 Ways to Spot Fraud and Avoid Processing Stolen Credit Cards

By Zachary Nickerson on Nov 22, 2018

When customers commit fraud, then your business is exposed to the risk of chargebacks. By knowing what steps you can take to help mitigate the risk of fraudulent transactions and processing stolen credit card numbers, you can help protect your business.

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