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How Online Payments Can Benefit Small Businesses

By Jeff Merkel on Aug 2, 2019

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from offering online payment options for their customers

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Have You Heard of the Overpayment Scam?

By Chris Reid on Jul 22, 2019

We’ve noticed a recent resurgence in popularity for the Overpayment Scam. The con involves fraudsters paying for a purchase with a stolen credit card, then requesting that you either forward some of the funds to a third-party or refund the purchase to a different form of payment.

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Your Interchange Fee Questions Answered

By Miranda Russell on Jun 28, 2019

Here are some common questions related to the interchange fee that can help you better understand the payment processing fees your business is paying.

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Prevent Card Present Fraud

By Miranda Russell on May 17, 2019

If you’re regularly accepting credit cards in person, then you can use these tips to help you identify transactions that might be fraudulent and how to respond to them swiftly.

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Best Practices for Card-Not-Present Transactions

By Miranda Russell on Apr 25, 2019

There are a few best practices you can follow to help protect your business from inadvertently processing a fraudulent card-not-present transaction and to help protect your business and your customer’s personal information.

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End-to-End Encryption for the Payment Industry

By Miranda Russell on Apr 18, 2019

End-to-end encryption also referred to as E2EE, is a common process for securing communications that are being sent between two different people or companies to help protect the information from being accessed from an unauthorized third party while it’s being transmitted.

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Online Payment Trends for 2019

By Chris Reid on Apr 16, 2019

As ecommerce sales continue to increase and customers become more familiar with what a good online customer experience is, it’ll become more important than ever for businesses who are operating in the online space to know what the online payment trends are and how the trends can be adopted by their businesses.

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Flat Rate Pricing | What They Don't Tell You

By Zachary Nickerson on Apr 6, 2019

Flat Rate pricing simply means that the credit card processor is charging you one flat rate for all of your credit card transactions, regardless of the interchange rate fluctuating based on the card type.

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Payment Tools Retail Merchants Often Overlook

By Jeff Merkel on Apr 5, 2019

With today’s technology, businesses of any size are now able to access innovative tools that used to only be available for large enterprise size businesses with bloated budgets. While you may have just needed to accept card payments initially, there is a whole host of options that are opened up to you once you sign up for a merchant account that can really help you save time.

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Common Misconceptions About Credit Card Processing

By Miranda Russell on Mar 28, 2019

There are a few common misconceptions about credit card processing that we hear quite regularly, and we would like to help clear them up so you can avoid any potential frustration in the future if you come across any of these scenarios.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Don't be Tricked into Switching Providers by These Sales Pitches

By Radu Georgescu on Mar 12, 2019

High-pressure sales tactics may be used by some ISO’s (Independent Sales Organizations) when they’re speaking to potential merchants and trying to get them to sign up for payment processing.

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What are EMV Payments?

By Brittany Desmoulin on Feb 26, 2019

Transactions with EMV cards are commonly referred to as “Chip and Dip” or “Chip and Pin” because the cardholder is required to insert their card into the terminal and enter their pin to successfully process a transaction.

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