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Avoid Manual Data Entry with Helcim’s QuickBooks Integration

By Zachary Nickerson on Nov 20, 2018

By using an all-in-one platform with integration capabilities, such as Helcim Commerce, you remove the challenge of manually moving data between different systems and tracking which data has been added to which system.

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The Difference Between an Invoice and a Receipt

By Miranda Russell on Jul 31, 2018

Knowing the difference between an invoice, receipt, bill and a statement can help your business service customers more efficiently and accurately track requests for payment.

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The Basics of Invoicing

By Zachary Nickerson on Jul 19, 2018

An invoice provides customers with a statement of the amount owed for a list of the goods or services they purchased. It includes a breakdown of the cost for the individual products or services and a description of both the seller and purchaser involved in the sale.

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What is Prorated Billing?

By Zachary Nickerson on Jun 28, 2018

Curious about what prorated billing is and how it can help your business?

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Make Your Business More Efficient with Online Invoice Payments

By Zachary Nickerson on Jun 26, 2018

Allowing customers to pay with the click of a button makes it easier for you to get paid faster.

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Automate Your Billing and Make More Money

By Zachary Nickerson on Jun 7, 2018

Recurring billing helps your customers by making it easier for them to do business with your company.

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Get Invoices Paid Faster With The Credit Card Vault

By Nicolas Beique on Apr 29, 2018

Getting paid on time can be a challenge for any business.

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Email Payment Requests: Get Paid With The Click of a Button

By Nicolas Beique on Apr 30, 2013

Email payment requests let merchants request payments from their customers by email.

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