Using Helcim

Pull Annual Sales Tax Reports from Your Helcim Account

By Miranda Russell on Jun 28, 2019

Helcim merchants are now able to pull a sales tax report that includes the sales tax data for a full calendar year.

Understanding Payments

How Your Role in a Credit Card Transaction Changes Your Risk

By Zachary Nickerson on May 9, 2019

Understanding where the unique risks lie for each entity involved in a transaction can help you better understand the fees you pay as a merchant, the processes - both apparent and hidden - you’re involved in each time you process a credit card, and your business’ general place in how it all works.

Understanding Payments

Introducing the Merchant’s Guide to Credit Card Processing

By Jeff Merkel on Apr 8, 2019

Now anyone who is looking to get a complete overview of how payment processing works or wants to know what goes into selecting a payment processor can download our comprehensive free guide to Understanding Payments.

Small Business Center

Payment Tools Retail Merchants Often Overlook

By Jeff Merkel on Apr 5, 2019

With today’s technology, businesses of any size are now able to access innovative tools that used to only be available for large enterprise size businesses with bloated budgets. While you may have just needed to accept card payments initially, there is a whole host of options that are opened up to you once you sign up for a merchant account that can really help you save time.

Inside Helcim

Merchants of Helcim – Zoran Dobric

By Jeff Merkel on Feb 28, 2019

To reach more customers across Canada and abroad, Zoran uses Helcim for his online store and ecommerce sales. As a niche designer, the ability to reach more customers in different regions and countries is very beneficial for Zoran and allows him to expand his customer base beyond just his local hub. He describes Helcim’s online store as being amazingly easy to use and that the sleek aesthetic aligns well with his fashion brand.

Understanding Payments

Understanding Declines for Credit Card Processing

By Zachary Nickerson on Feb 19, 2019

When a credit card is approved during a transaction, it is the customer’s issuing bank, not the processor or the card network, that is approving the card. Similar to how a transaction is approved, when a credit card is declined, it is typically declined by the cardholder’s issuing bank, as they are the entity that decides the outcome of the transaction.

Choosing a Payment Processor

How Do I Know Which Payment Provider is Right for My Business?

By Miranda Russell on Feb 5, 2019

Understanding Payments

An Overview of Credit Card Processing Transaction Types

By Chris Reid on Jan 22, 2019

Here is an overview of the different types of transactions you might process if you accept credit card payments.

Payments News

Visa and Mastercard Announce Rate Adjustment for January 2019

By Miranda Russell on Dec 14, 2018

Visa and Mastercard have both announced rate adjustments effective January 1, 2019. Visa has announced that their base assessment fee will increase to 0.09% from the current 0.08% and Mastercard has announced a reduction to the Mastercard interchange rates.

Choosing a Payment Processor

Ways Some Payment Processors Mislead Merchants

By Radu Georgescu on Dec 4, 2018

By knowing that these payment tricks exist, you can ask the right questions to see through the facades and select a payment processor who is committed to being a good partner for your business.

Inside Helcim

Merchants of Helcim – FMI Professional Locksmiths

By Miranda Russell on Nov 16, 2018

The Helcim Team met up with Fumi from FMI Professional Locksmiths to learn more about his business and get an inside look at what his day looks like. Fumi runs FMI Professional Locksmiths primarily as a mobile business out of his van because, as a locksmith, he needs to be able to meet people and businesses wherever they might be located.

Inside Helcim

Merchants of Helcim – MOST Physical Preparation

By Nicolas Beique on Nov 13, 2018

MOST Physical Preparation is more than just a gym, they are a movement-based fitness facility and multidisciplinary clinic that supports athletes and patients in achieving their health and fitness goals.

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