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Mobile Commerce Considerations for Your Business

By Jeff Merkel on Mar 22, 2019

Mobile commerce, or mcommerce, refers to payments made using smartphones or tablets, and it is the natural progression of ecommerce as more and more consumers have access to mobile devices.

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Merchants of Helcim – Zoran Dobric

By Jeff Merkel on Feb 28, 2019

To reach more customers across Canada and abroad, Zoran uses Helcim for his online store and ecommerce sales. As a niche designer, the ability to reach more customers in different regions and countries is very beneficial for Zoran and allows him to expand his customer base beyond just his local hub. He describes Helcim’s online store as being amazingly easy to use and that the sleek aesthetic aligns well with his fashion brand.

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What Features Should a Credit Card Processing Application Have?

By Miranda Russell on Aug 7, 2018

Using a credit card application on your mobile devices to accept payments makes it easier for customers to make purchases from you, gives your business flexibility, and it can be very cost effective compared to traditional POS options. If your business is looking for a mobile credit card application here are five features you should check for.

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A Step by Step Guide to Mobile Credit Card Processing

By Miranda Russell on Jul 26, 2018

All you need is a tablet or a smartphone to begin accepting payments from customers. Here is a step by step guide to mobile credit card processing.

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Android Pay: What You Need To Know

By Nicolas Beique on Sep 1, 2017

If you accept customer payments through tap and pay on your retail terminal, you are now automatically able to accept payments through Android Pay.

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