How Card Tokenization Works

When a transaction is processed, our Card Vault stores the card information in our secure servers. As part of the transaction response, a 23-character alphanumeric card-token is provided back to your application. This token can safely then be stored in your local database as it is not an encrypted credit card number, but instead an identifier for the stored credit card.

When you are ready to reuse the credit number for a new transaction, your application simply send the token instead of the credit card number along with the rest of the transaction information. The credit card that was originally billed is retrieved from our card vault and used for the new transaction.

Part of Helcim Commerce

Credit card tokenization can be used for a wide range of modern payment applications. You can create seamless online shopping experiences for returning customers by keeping their credit cards "on file", create custom billing systems that sends varying amounts on each payment cycle and create customer card profiles to be used across multiple websites, apps and platforms. Secure your recurring payment channels by tokenizing data in our credit card vault, available with your Helcim Commerce account.