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Customer Manager

Your Customer Data all in One Place

Having a great customer database can make doing business easier and more enjoyable for everyone. Customer profiles stored in Helcim Commerce allow you to save important information like billing and shipping addresses, tax and language preferences, as well as various forms of payment.

When it’s time to interact with that customer, process a transaction, send an invoice, or add them to a recurring plan, all of the information is ready and waiting.

Encryption Card-Vault


Securely Store Credit Cards & Bank Accounts

With the Helcim Commerce card vault, you can offer your customers enhanced security as well as a convenient way to pay.

Your customer’s payment information is encrypted and stored on our server when you either update their profile or when a transaction occurs - as an automatic process. You don’t have to store sensitive card data using insecure spreadsheets or notebooks anymore, and your customers can shop with confidence and ease, knowing their sensitive information is safe and ready for their next purchase. Since we store the sensitive card data for you, your PCI obligations are reduced.

Self-Service Customer Portal

Instant Convenience for You and Your Customers

You can take your service and customer experience to another level by enabling the Helcim Commerce Customer Portal. A feature often available only to businesses with budgets for custom web development, Helcim Commerce gives you the opportunity to have a fully branded customer portal in just a few clicks, and no programming! By logging in to the portal, customers can make a payment, review their order history or recurring plan, and update their profile or payment information, at their convenience, 24/7/365. You can set which functions are available in the portal, so your customers can only do as much or as little as you decide.

Graphic Screenshot of a Customer Portal Page Graphic Screenshot of a Customer Portal Page Graphic Screenshot of a Customer Portal Page

Settings & Customization

Control how your customers can use your self-service portal. You can select what information they can see and what they can modify. You can also determine whether the portal can be used to make payments, and what payment methods can be used.

Security Controls

Maintain security over your customer portal by setting your password requirements. You can choose password complexity, password expiry time-frames and how often passwords can be re-used. You can even set session timers, determining how long before customers time-out and have to login again.

Theme Designer

Design the look and feel of your customer portal to make it match your business' branding. You can use the Portal Designer to modify colors, fonts and upload a logo. For advanced users, can you also fully modify the portal's CSS.

Payment Processing

Like the rest of Helcim Commerce, the Customer Portal comes with built-in payment processing. Customers can use the portal to add and modify their credit card information, as well as make payments on any due invoices.