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Product Catalog

A Central Database for all Your Products

Your Helcim Commerce product catalogue is the central database that allows multiple functions in our all-in-one platform to interact with your inventory. It can be as simple or detailed as you like, with a full host of settings and options that allow you to sell exactly how you want, where you want.

Organize by categories, brand or collections and set individual prices from MSRP to sales price to wholesale discounts. You also control where products can be sold, either retail, backoffice or online.

Want to know what your most popular products are? Generate beautiful reports that help you pinpoint your most popular – and most profitable – items. The all-in-one system gives you access to your complete data all in one place.

Inventory Management

Stay on Top of Your Stock

Manage your inventory so you can keep yourself in the loop on which products you have on hand, where those products are being sold, and when items are running low. You can also be alerted when inventory levels reach a certain low-level threshold, as well as decide what that threshold is for each individual item.

You can also decide whether items can be back-ordered and whether to show inventory levels to customers. You can opt-out certain items from inventory tracking, such as non-physical and service-based aspects. The inventory tool keeps complete records of all orders and inventory movement, so you can keep tabs on what's happening with your business.

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Categories, brands and attributes Infographic

Categories, Brands and Collections

Organize your growing product catalog into categories and sub-categories, allowing your customers to find items more easily and giving you control over where each one can be sold. You can also assign each product with a brand.

Looking to organize further? You can also assign products to unique collections, such as collections for seasonal sales.

Product Variants

Manage Product Variations with Ease

Have a product with many options, such as different sizes and colors? Setup your product catalog the right way by creating a single item and branching it into multiple product variants. You can set a unique SKU and price to each variant, and individually manage the inventory levels of each. You can also set attributes to each product, allowing customers to compare each one and find exactly what they need.

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Picture Management

Upload Product Images Easily

Helcim Commerce lets you upload multi, high-resolution images for each of your products. You can also upload mass quantities of images and have them automatically mapped to the corresponding product.