Accepting Interac Debit

Interact Debit Payment is Canada’s primary debit card network and it’s a great low-cost payment solution for your retail business. If you are a Helcim retail or restaurant merchant with in-store terminals, you are automatically able to accept Interac payments.

Benefits of accepting Interac Debit

Customers use Interac in more than 80 percent of in-person purchases and Interac payments make up 50 percent of all sales – approximately 160 billion dollars every year.

Interac Flash (tap and pay)

Interac Debit now supports tap and pay (NFC) transactions through their Interac Flash program. It’s important to note that Interac charges an extra 2 cents to convenience stores and fast-food businesses. All other industries are charged an extra 3.5 cents per transaction for this service. Helcim passes on this fee to you at cost, which means we don’t add any markup.

Interac Debit surcharge

As a Canadian merchant, you can add a surcharge to Interac Debit transactions. With us, you receive 33 percent of revenue proceeds and the rest is distributed between us, as the processor, and the Interac network.

Interac Network Fees

Interac Network Fees  
Interac Flash - Standard Merchant Base 3.5¢
Interac Flash - Quick Service Resturant
Interac Debit Switch Fee * 0.9605¢ ($0.009605)

* HST is charged to the acquirer/processor on network card-brand and switch fees. Interac listed card-brand fees is $0.0085. Because this is an absorbed cost by the acquirer who are not allowed to claim ITCs in Canada, the HST on the card-brand fee cannot be used as an ITC by the merchant. Does not apply to interchange, per transaction or cost+ fees.