What is Cost+ Pricing?

Cost+ pricing (also known as interchange+ pricing) is a billing method used by Helcim to give you further transparency and savings. When you process a transaction, we pass the interchange cost directly on to you. At the end of the month, we charge you a set rate (such as 0.18%) on your total processed volume.

For example, if a transaction had an interchange and card-brand fee total cost of 1.70%, you would be billed 1.70% for the transaction and 0.18% for Helcim's service. Your total cost on that transaction would equal 1.88%.

Why is Cost+ Better?

Savings and transparency! Many processors use "tiered" pricing, where you are charged a base "qualified" rate and then charged a "non-qualified" fee for most transactions. This results in rates that are much higher than needed.

By passing the cost directly to you and only charging for a single markup, Cost+ pricing gives you significant savings while creating a very transparent arrangement with your processor (you know our cost and margin!)

Credit Card Processing Pricing Comparison

Confused about the various ways that processors charge for their fees? Below is a breakdown of the most common credit card processor rates, and how they compare to our Cost+ pricing.