Understanding Level 1, 2 and 3 Data

When processing a credit card, data levels are extra fields sent along with the transaction. Level 1 data is the normal information sent by the processor (Helcim) to the customer's issuing bank when processing a credit card transaction. This includes the merchant's name, transaction amount and date.

Level 3 Data Processing is currently only available to US merchants. Coming soon to Canada.

Level 2 Data

Level 2 data is additional information about the merchant and the transaction, including the tax amount, customer code, and merchant's tax ID. Visa and MasterCard offer lower Interchange rates when this information is sent as they deem the transaction less likely to be fraudulent. Level 2 data processing is available to all merchants.

Level 3 Data

Level 3 data is reserved for merchants accepting Corporate, Purchasing and Government credit cards. It provides the issuing bank with detailed invoice information, including a fully itemized list of items that were purchased. This helps corporate and government clients (your customers) keep better track of expenses paid by credit card.

Once again Visa and MasterCard provide even lower Interchange rates to merchants sending this information along with their transactions. Level 3 is available for an additional $25/month and functionality is built-into Helcim Commerce.

Required Fields

Below are the data-fields required to be sent along with the transaction in order to qualify for Level 2 and Level 3 processing. Integrated directly into our Virtual Terminal, we automate a large part of the data-entry, and provide our merchants with detailed instructions and training.

  Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Basic Transaction Data      
Merchant Name
Transaction Amount
Merchant Information      
Merchant Postal/Zip Code  
Merchant Tax ID  
Invoice Information      
Invoice Tax Amount  
Customer Code  
Shipper's Postal/Zip Code    
Destination Postal/Zip Code    
Invoice Number    
Order Number    
Shipping Amount    
Item(s) Information      
Product Code (SKU)    
Commodity Code    
Unit of Measurement